Bowie Lectures

The William Bowie Lecture honors the life and work of geodetic engineer and AGU’s first president, William Bowie.

This Geodesy section named lecture is the premier scientific activity of the Geodesy section held during the AGU Fall Meeting. The Bowie Lecture is webcast and made available as an archived presentation on the AGU website.

The Bowie Lecture series was inaugurated in 1989 to commemorate the 50th presentation of the William Bowie medal, which is AGU’s first medal and highest honor given annually in recognition of outstanding contributions to fundamental geophysics and unselfish cooperation in research. Section named lectures that are established in honor of a past Bowie medalist are also categorized as part of the Bowie Lecture series.

The Bowie Lecture is by invitation only – nominations are not accepted.

Year Lecturer Title
2018 Byron Tapley
2017 Tonie M. van Dam
2016 Mark Simons InSAR Geodesy: The Next Phase
2015 Daniel Dzurisin Turtles to Terabytes: The Ongoing Revolution in Volcano Geodesy
2014 Jerry Mitrovica Global Change Geodesy: A Geophysical Perspective
2013 Don Chambers Using Geodesy to Better Understand Ocean Dynamics
2012 Reinhard F. Rummel How Attractive is our Planet?
2011 Kosuke Heki GPS Array as a Sensor of Lithosphere, Troposphere and Ionosphere
2010 Gerald Bawden Ultra-High Resolution Four Dimensional Imaging Across the Earth Sciences
2009 Jeffrey T. Freymueller Geodetic Constraints on the Tectonics of Alaska and the North Pacific
2008 Eric Rignot Glaciological studies of the evolution of ice sheets in a warming climate
2007 Kristine M.Larson  High-Rate GPS Earthquakes, Ice Sheets, and Volcanoes
2006 Richard D. Ray Tidal Friction in the Earth and Ocean
2005 R. Steve Nerem  The Record of Sea Level Change from Satellite Measurements: What Have We Learned?
2004 Michael M. Watkins Time-Variable Gravity Measurements Come of Age
2003 Herb Dragert Episodic Tremor and Slip in the Cascadia Subduction Zone: A Story of Discovery
2002 Gilles Peltzer Towards Imaging the Earth’s Surface in 4 Dimensions
2000 James L. Davis GPS Investigations of Postglacial Crustal Motions for Mantle Dynamics, Sea Level Change, and Paleoclimate Studies
1999 Anny Cazenave Satellite Geodesy and Global Climatic Changes
1998 David E. Smith Lasers in Earth and Planetary Exploration
1997 Jean-Bernard Minster Geophysical Geodesy: A Peek into the Crystal Ball
1995 David Sandwell Ocean Basin Tectonics Revealed with Declassified Geosat Altimeter Data
1994 John Wahr Geodesy and Global Change
1993 Jean O. Dickey Earth Rotation: An Interdisciplinary Approach to Earth System Science
1992 Richard H.Rapp The State of Estimation of the Earth’s Gravity Field
1990 Irwin I. Shapiro Probing Underfoot by Looking Overhead
1989 James C. Savage Interseismic Crustal Deformation in Subduction Zones
1988 Tom A. Herring Applications of Space Geodesy: Results and the Future