Executive Committee:

  • President: Geoffrey Blewitt <>
  • Past President: Timothy Dixon <>
  • President-elect: Sue Owen <>
  • Secretary: Bill Hammond <>
  • At Large Member: Steve Nerem <>
  • Meetings Program Committee Chair: Shin-Chan Han <>
  • Outstanding Student Paper Award: Emily Montgomery Brown <>
  • Student Representative: vacant
  • Early Career Representative: vacant

Fellows Committee:

  • Chair: Seth Stein
  • Veronique Dehant
  • Jeff Freymueller
  • Steve Nerem
  • Richard Ray

Awards Committee:

  • Chair: Sue Owen
  • Seth Stein
  • Jeff Freymueller
  • Steve Nerem
  • Veronique Dehant
  • Richard Ray

The Awards Committee is responsible for selecting winners of the Geodesy Section Award, and the Ivan I. Mueller Award for Distinguished Service and Leadership.   Selections must be approved by the geodesy section president.

Canvassing Committee (Honors Nominating Committee):

  • Chair: Tim Dixon
  • Shimon Wdowinski
  • Annie Cazenave

The Canvassing Committee is responsible for identifying promising candidates for awards and fellows, and solicits individuals to put together the nomination packages.

Bowie Lecture Conveners (with input from awards committee):

  • Chair: Sue Owen
  • Geoffrey Blewitt

Paul G. Silver Award Committee (joint with G, S and T):

  • Greg Beroza (S)
  • Geoffrey Blewitt (G)
  • Antony Watts (T)

AGU Geodesy Webmaster (

  • Bill Hammond (, Geodesy Section Secretary